A Detroit Summer

Detroit summers are something amazing as the city comes alive from a long cold winter. But the island quickly becomes the spot to go to enjoy the summer breeze, ice cream trucks, and laying out in the sun while looking across the river at the iconic skyline. It almost feels like you are in another place. That this little slice of heaven isn’t part of a hustling city with a bad reputation. And when people tell me that they’ve never visited the island, or that this is their first time, I stand in shock.

Belle Isle calls to me like a siren that I can’t ignore. The sounds of the water against the shore, people laughing and playing, the smell of grilling food and fresh cut grass, and the feeling of complete peace the minute I cross the MacArthur Bridge all make it such an amazing spot. It amazes me that people have yet to experience it.

I’ve started my summer off with the usual sunset spots that I crave: going out into the water with my camera above my head to get low angle shots as the sun falls below the horizon, and as my friends watch from the shore. I’ve also spent weekends soaking up sun with friends, grilling and laughing about nothing in particular, while people watching and enjoying the company of “family”.

Nothing compares to it, and as I write this, I’m looking out my window at the sunset, wondering if I should go get one more shot from the island.

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