In the age of Harvey Weinstein, Trump, and an endless line of men (and women) being called out for sexual harassment and abuse, you would think the photo community would start covering up a bit more. But the need for likes, follows, social media stardom, has photographers stripping their models to bare all “for the gram”.

Trying to get through Instagram without seeing hard nipples poking out through a shirt, or a woman draped across old machinery in an abandoned warehouse, completely naked, is impossible. I have seen my fair share of beautifully executed artistic nudes, and there are people that still photograph this niche well. But, it has come to the point that photographers are doing it just to boost their popularity. There is no thought process into why this woman is nude in a particular spot, they are not technically outstanding photos (so many are out of focus!), and the posing is more often than not, completely lacking.

I have seen photos posted that are completely out of focus, that end up getting shared around to hubs, only because the model in the shot is naked. Yet, photos that are better quality, where the model is clothed, are left behind. Photos of a woman with her nipples visible through her shirt for no real reason, get comments like “this is fire!”, “that’s tasty”, and more absurdity. Enough is enough.

Talking with other female photographers and models in the community, it is hard to feel any love for this style of photography, especially from our male colleagues. When they post messages to their female models, almost claiming them as their own, and saying things like “Talk to me first before shooting with anyone else. There are real creeps out there who only want to see you naked.” There is so much frustration over these photographers, and their lack of understanding behind artistic nudes, and porn.

So how do we go about changing this view, where women’s bodies are used for likes and follows? We need to hold this community accountable, stop treating it as a way to get dates and see women (and men) nude, and force the start of change.

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  • Mishira says:

    How many times can I agree with this post!?! Well said my friend! We all gotta do better!

  • Ansel Motherfucking Adams says:

    The whole point of social media is to get likes, and boost ones popularity. Posting pictures of semi nude babes does exactly that. It’s like telling a business to stop selling a certain product that makes them money, just because you don’t like the product.

    • Avitable says:

      Likes are just imaginary Internet points. They don’t have any commercial value. Even if they did, it wouldn’t be okay, but the fact they don’t makes your pathetic anonymous response even worse.

      • Ansel Motherfucking Adams says:

        Actually, likes translate to exposure and if you’re a photographer ( wedding, portrait, commercial, whatever) trying to
        build a brand on social media, wouldn’t you post things that get you the most exposure? Every one of my wedding leads that wasnt based off a referall have come through Instagram. The only people that seem to be offended by photos of scantily clad attractive women, are other jealous women with a low self esteem. And yes I am posting anonymous because in todays day and age, you can’t even voice an opinion without people brigading and leaving negative reviews on your site, if you post something they disagree with.

        • Avitable says:

          Hahahahah MF started off with “actually”. So now it’s even more obvious this idiot is a 30-40 something year old white male who probably jerks off to his models in the meantime. Probably has some assaults on his record and is known for being creepy among women, too. I’m just making assumptions of course, because (makes weepy crying voice) somebody thinks he’ll get brigaded for being a shitty person.

        • Amanda says:

          Or you’re afraid of clients bailing on you because you’re a trashfire human trying to take down a photographer because you like to photograph naked women to get likes. Which hey, more power to you, but maybe you’re just one of the creeps the internet hasn’t taken down yet. Your time is coming.

          • Ansel Motherfucking Adams says:

            Wow, not sure how to reply but that’s quite the post. Trying to take down a photographer? Um, im questioning the motive behind writing his blog post, not trying to “bring her down”. It seems that your only concern is about me posting anonymously, and not any of the points that me or Stephanie have made. As evident by this comment chain, you are making crazy unrelated assumptions about my gender and race, and saying I have a criminal background (wtf?) instead of talking about whether shooting nudes is artistic or trashy. Who’s to say if I gave my real name along with my opinion, your crazy self wont go leave 1 star reviews on the Knot or Wedding Wire because you disagree with my opinion? Way to completely avoid the conversation and resort to personal attacks and insults.

    • Lenon says:

      Or……going out on a limb here. Those that call themselves an artist could be ABOUT art and not just likes. They could try to be “good” at their craft and in doing so get likes on the caliber of the image and not amount of skin shown. I know…..that takes time and effort and most of these types aren’t willing to give either.

      • Ansel Motherfucking Adams says:

        Agreed. It sounds like the author of this post just discovered the deep dark secret that sex sells. Instead of whining about attractive women/models who show skin, maybe focus on perfecting your own craft and finding your own niche, instead of being jealous about what other photographers are doing that is receiving more attention than her work. Too much complaining about other artists, why not just focus on your own work?

        • Amanda says:

          As opposed to someone who had to make up an e-mail address + is going by Ansel Fucking Adams instead of coming out and saying who he really is. #PussyShit

      • Amanda says:

        There’s a fine line between shooting someone with class and shooting someone with intent to whore out their subject. Women are allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies, and that’s up to the woman’s digression, but these dudes posting useless images of girls shoving their hands down their pants… man, just go do porn. It pays better.

        • Ryan says:

          Everyone has different interpretations of what art is. For you to say what is/isn’t art is somewhat insulting to other artists that may have an artistic vision you disagree with. It sounds like the undertone of this post is that “male photographers are creeps” especially given the shocking replies from other people.