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Portraits: Lainie in Detroit

By Photography, Portraits

When a good friend and another local photographer asks you to shoot their photo, you do it. Especially when that friend is as adorable as Lainie. We went all over Detroit including Belle Isle, The Belt alleyway, the Riverfront, and West Village. Detroit has so much to offer for portraits and we had a blast shooting all over!

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Senior Photos: Bella

By Photography, Portraits

I recently had the pleasure of photographing my “baby” cousin (she is far from a baby at this point though) for her senior photos. When she first asked me I gasped a little and thought “she can’t be a senior this year! No way!” I quickly did the math in my head and realized, that yes, I am old and she is in fact, a high school senior this year.

We had a blast and had a perfect fall Michigan day for the photos. She even included her faithful pup, Duke, and a friend in some of her photos. I can’t wait to see what comes of life for her as she is one of the kindest humans I have ever met, and know she will go on to achieve greatness.

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This One Is Going To Hurt

By Personal

There are times when you have gut feelings when something is wrong. I’ve had these feelings so many times and rushed to the friend or family member. This time it didn’t happen. It was someone else’s gut feeling that had me rushing to my friend.

Anastacia Campbell was the most brilliant woman and human I have ever had the pleasure to meet and know. Her mind worked in a way that you could only sit back and enjoy, or be absolutely terrified by. A wonderful sadistic humor would creep into so many aspects of her life, and would have her giggling wildly as you fell into the trap she set for you.

Stacy and I met a decade ago, out and about with a group of photographers exploring Detroit. I was always intimidated by her: tall, skinny, platinum blonde, and those big blue eyes. But it wasn’t until this year that we really bonded.

A random message for an event on Facebook asking who might want to go skydiving greeted me one day. I had just gone through a breakup and looked at the message, and decided instantly “Fuck it. Lets do it”. She was so excited and I could practically hear her jumping up and down with glee. She called the event “The Day You Jump Out of a Plane On Purpose”, and what a day it was.

After the jump, we laughed and talked and I was instantly hooked on her again. The next four months came fast and we would spend nights together laughing until our sides hurt, or just sitting and talking, a glass of wine in hand. My favorite nights were the ones when she would get this crazed look in her eye and go “Lets do something”, and off we would go to find whatever trouble she had concocted for the two of us.

She loved driving too fast, blasting her music for the heavens to hear (especially Girl Talk – All Day, and Childish Gambino). She loved her pup and her friends with a fierceness I had never known. She also loved sitting on her couch, phone in one hand, glass of wine in another, legs curled up under her as we talked in whispers about all of our crushes and past loves, like we were still in high school. I would sit in absolute awe of her as I watched her brain work and listened to the words spilling from her mouth.

I will never be able to find a friend like her again. One that comes so naturally, one that has gone through the same experiences as me and helps me open up so easily.

When I rushed to her place that night, I knew. I knew before I even opened the door to her apartment. Tears were already streaming down my face and my body shook with absolute terror. I half hoped to find her curled up on the couch and look up at me going “oh! Hi! What are you doing here? Oh, who cares, grab the wine and pour us a glass!” Instead, I sat on the floor next to her and cried. I cried hard. But I knew I had to pull myself together. For her. For her family. For her friends and loved ones. For her pup Brody. And I did. I knew that this was my duty, and the last thing I could do for her.

I whispered to her in the next moments, telling her how much I hated her for doing this. Crying and saying I wish she had just texted me saying she needed me to come over. I told her that I loved her, and I was sorry I failed her. I let her know that this was by far the best summer I had ever had, and I would never have another like it. And I watched the sun go down from her apartment and knew there was no coming back from this.

Stacy Effing Campbell. My dear girl, you are so loved. You were the brightest person in this world, and it has become so much dimmer without you in it.

Goodbye my dearest friend. Go in peace, go with love. You were afraid of falling, but you are definitely flying now.

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Chasing the Sun: Belle Isle Part Two

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

Living so close to this beautiful state park spoils me every day. To also enjoy the perfect sunrises and sunrises it affords me is something I will never take for granted. The past few visits to Belle Isle, have brought peace to my soul, while leaving me with a wanderlust that continues to grow with a burning fire. It is an amazing feeling being on an island that has so many hidden treasures and hide-aways, all while being able to see a city that hustles harder than any other.

Exploring: The Packard Plant

By Exploring, Photography

The Packard Plant in Detroit, Michigan is a 3.5 million square foot old assembly plant that has been home to Packard Automotive, flea markets, paintball courts, and so much more. Now the building stands empty and crumbling, covered in graffiti, awaiting its next adventure in life. These are just some photos from over the years that I have spent exploring this magnificent building.

Scott Hocking’s Emergency Ark

By Photography

Scott Hocking is a Detroit based artist who has done some amazing installations throughout the city. From the marble egg that was made up of the crumbling walls of the abandoned Michigan Central Train Station, to a pyramid of tires, he is a visionary and artist that will have people talking.

The Barnboat is no exception. Located in Port Austin, Michigan, at the “tip of the thumb”, Hocking partnered with Jim Boyle who has been working on a project that reinvents the old barns of the area, into something a little more…Detroit. Hocking has completely dismantled an old barn, and essentially flipped it over to create an upside-down Ark. Though still being worked on and completed, it is still breathtaking to see up close.

Detroit ITU Paratriathlon World Event

By Photography

The Detroit ITU World Paratriathlon featured a 750-meter swim, 20-kilometer bike course looping around part of the island, and 5-kilometer run. Detroit was chosen as one of 10 cities to host the ITU World Paratriathlon Event worldwide. 60 athletes competed from several different countries including the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Ireland, amongst others.

Chasing the Sun: Port Austin

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

One of the most amazing places to witness a sunset, is on a lake. To watch the sun touch the water and experience bursting into a million different shades of red and orange is magical. I spent a few nights sitting on the beach and wading out into the water to try to capture the brilliance of the sunsets that were happening on Lake Huron in Port Austin, Michigan.

Once Around Belle Isle (OABI)

By Photography

OABI is an annual event on Belle Isle where paddle boarders race around the beloved Detroit island. Along with the race, there are several other events and things to do, including Acroyoga, paddle board lessons, and more!

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Chasing the Sun: Belle Isle

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

There is one place that gives you the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets in Detroit. Driving over MacArthur bridge to Belle Isle, I always get a little rush; my heart starts beating a little faster, I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear, and all of my cares melt away. This summer has afforded Detroiters with magnificent sunrises and sunsets and unforgettable views.

Continue being the gorgeous city you are Detroit, and I’ll keep photographing you in all your glory.