Chasing the Sun

Sun Up to Sun Down

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

Chase the Sun

Sometimes, you have to step back from life. From the day to day, and the despairing thoughts that run through your head. You have a moment where you either sink or swim. Those are the times when you have to look at everything around you, and just breathe.

Wake up before the sun, before the birds even. When the moon is still in the sky and not ready to give up the night. Find a beach, the woods, or even a rooftop, and take in the world that is still sleeping. Although you might feel alone in the stillness of the morning, you will be greeted by that first morning light, that spills onto the horizon with no abandon.

And when your day is coming to an end, and your body is telling your to rest, face west and watch the sun give up the sky for the moon and stars. Breathe in the vibrant colors just as the sun kisses the horizon goodnight.

The photos taken below were from a day in Port Austin, MI. From sunrise to sunset, and a vintage camper show in between.

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A Detroit Summer

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

A Detroit Summer

Detroit summers are something amazing as the city comes alive from a long cold winter. But the island quickly becomes the spot to go to enjoy the summer breeze, ice cream trucks, and laying out in the sun while looking across the river at the iconic skyline. It almost feels like you are in another place. That this little slice of heaven isn’t part of a hustling city with a bad reputation. And when people tell me that they’ve never visited the island, or that this is their first time, I stand in shock.

Belle Isle calls to me like a siren that I can’t ignore. The sounds of the water against the shore, people laughing and playing, the smell of grilling food and fresh cut grass, and the feeling of complete peace the minute I cross the MacArthur Bridge all make it such an amazing spot. It amazes me that people have yet to experience it.

I’ve started my summer off with the usual sunset spots that I crave: going out into the water with my camera above my head to get low angle shots as the sun falls below the horizon, and as my friends watch from the shore. I’ve also spent weekends soaking up sun with friends, grilling and laughing about nothing in particular, while people watching and enjoying the company of “family”.

Nothing compares to it, and as I write this, I’m looking out my window at the sunset, wondering if I should go get one more shot from the island.

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Nuke Nation: Pointe Mouillee

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

Nuke Nation

Near the Ohio border, on the shores of Lake Eerie, is a state game park by the name of Pointe Mouillee. Named by French fur traders in the 17th century, it lives up to its name as a beautiful wetland.

Feeling the need to get out of the city, away from the usual haunts, I made my way to this southern edge of Michigan to photograph the sunset from this quiet spot. It is fascinating, being among nature, surrounded by beauty, animals, and birds, to then look out to the water and see two giant nuclear cooling towers. But still, the marshes and the endless “ocean” that is one of the Great Lakes, makes the view a favorite.

So I sat and watched as the sky made itself into a beautiful watercolor, listened as distant owls hooted, and swans swam before me, while bitter November wind lashed at my cheeks and hands.

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Indian Summers

By Chasing the Sun, Exploring, Photography

Indian Summers

In·di·an sum·mer

  1. a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn.

Detroit has been experiencing an amazing Indian Summer once again this year. Warm temperatures, late fall colors, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to make every day even more spectacular. Last year we saw temperatures in the 70s and 80s in late November. Although we aren’t as warm as last year, it is still enough for this Michigander to still rock flip flops and a tee.

It is hard to refrain from wanting to lay out and soak up these last bits of sunlight every chance I can get. So this weekend, I spent the entirety outside, shooting with friends, driving all over (making a few U-turns), and realizing that sometimes you just have to let all of your worries go. From Belle Isle, to Eastern Market, to Irish Hills and Saline, it was spent drenched in the golden glow of the sun and fall leaves.

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A Day of Sand and Waves

By Chasing the Sun

A Day of Sand and Waves

There is something that changes me when I see and hear the waves and beach. I instantly become a small child again, and can’t contain my excitement. I’m ready to run into the water no matter how cold it is, to take my shoes off and walk along the shore, leaving footprints in the sand only to be washed away almost instantly.

I spent the day traveling the coast of the “thumb” in Michigan. My “up north”, though most people will say that that term is reserved for places like Traverse City, or the Upper Peninsula. Port Austin and Caseville have always been my treasured up north places though since I was a kid.

The colors of fall were in full swing, with vibrant reds and beautiful golds amongst the trees. The waves coming off of Lake Huron were crashing into the shore, big and angry from a cold wind that threatens an impending winter. The sky was a perfect blue with big puffy white clouds though, and I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

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Chasing the Sun: Detroit Sunset

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

Detroit Sunset

There is something magical about a Detroit sunset. It’s calming to watch as the day ends and let your worries fall away beyond the horizon. Belle Isle is always a great spot to watch, as the sun tucks itself behind the skyline. I am always drawn to the water, and love plunging into the river to get shots that most people take from the shore.

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Chasing the Sun: Belle Isle Part Two

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

Living so close to this beautiful state park spoils me every day. To also enjoy the perfect sunrises and sunrises it affords me is something I will never take for granted. The past few visits to Belle Isle, have brought peace to my soul, while leaving me with a wanderlust that continues to grow with a burning fire. It is an amazing feeling being on an island that has so many hidden treasures and hide-aways, all while being able to see a city that hustles harder than any other.

Chasing the Sun: Port Austin

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

One of the most amazing places to witness a sunset, is on a lake. To watch the sun touch the water and experience bursting into a million different shades of red and orange is magical. I spent a few nights sitting on the beach and wading out into the water to try to capture the brilliance of the sunsets that were happening on Lake Huron in Port Austin, Michigan.

Chasing the Sun: Belle Isle

By Chasing the Sun, Photography

There is one place that gives you the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets in Detroit. Driving over MacArthur bridge to Belle Isle, I always get a little rush; my heart starts beating a little faster, I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear, and all of my cares melt away. This summer has afforded Detroiters with magnificent sunrises and sunsets and unforgettable views.

Continue being the gorgeous city you are Detroit, and I’ll keep photographing you in all your glory.