Indian Summers

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Indian Summers

In·di·an sum·mer

  1. a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in late autumn.

Detroit has been experiencing an amazing Indian Summer once again this year. Warm temperatures, late fall colors, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets to make every day even more spectacular. Last year we saw temperatures in the 70s and 80s in late November. Although we aren’t as warm as last year, it is still enough for this Michigander to still rock flip flops and a tee.

It is hard to refrain from wanting to lay out and soak up these last bits of sunlight every chance I can get. So this weekend, I spent the entirety outside, shooting with friends, driving all over (making a few U-turns), and realizing that sometimes you just have to let all of your worries go. From Belle Isle, to Eastern Market, to Irish Hills and Saline, it was spent drenched in the golden glow of the sun and fall leaves.

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Edsel & Eleanor Ford House

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Edsel & Eleanor Ford House

Fall in Michigan has always been my favorite season. The temperature becomes bearable, sweaters and boots can be dragged out of storage, the leaves change to a vibrant red, and the smell of autumn lingers in the air. I recently had the opportunity to walk around the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House and gardens to experience the beauty of the grounds.

What started off as a promise of a gorgeous sunset, quickly was overtaken by autumn rain clouds, but the grounds still did not disappoint. The rose garden, designed by Jens Jensen for Eleanor Ford, was still in bloom with beautiful pastel roses. Bird Island’s paths were covered in beautiful red and orange leaves from the almost century old trees.

It was a great experience, and I can’t wait to return in the winter to see the changes to the grounds under a blanket of snow.

Don’t forget, you can purchase prints in the Print Shop from this shoot!

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Exploring: Downtown Detroit

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One of my favorite things to do is to get lost in the city. Park my car and just wander aimlessly. I usually end up finding the best material that way, and meet some interesting characters as well.

It truly is a blessing to have a city that is so vibrant, full of hope, art, music, culture, and people. Detroit is unique and amazing.

Through my wandering, I have met some amazing people and started to see the city in a way I have never seen it before. Last night I met a man who called himself King David, who was just trying to get his band to China. It sounded absurd to me, but he was determined to get there and was going to be performing near the Music Hall all weekend. I had to smile and and ask for his photo after hearing the story, and he thanked me for listening as he rolled tobacco into a cigarette papers.

I continued through the night, armed with camera and tripod, and a good friend, watching clouds roll by in the night sky, and listening to the people coming out of the bars that had surely come down for one of the events happening in Detroit this weekend. It made me stop and realize how much the city has grown, and it always makes me fall in love with the city just a little bit more.


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Exploring: The Packard Plant

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The Packard Plant in Detroit, Michigan is a 3.5 million square foot old assembly plant that has been home to Packard Automotive, flea markets, paintball courts, and so much more. Now the building stands empty and crumbling, covered in graffiti, awaiting its next adventure in life. These are just some photos from over the years that I have spent exploring this magnificent building.