Female Strong

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March marks Women’s History Month, with International Women’s Day falling on March 8. But women across the globe are showing just how strong they are day-to-day.

After a year of women coming into their own, standing strong against a patriarchal society, and pushing for major changes in our system, we can only hope the movement keeps growing. But we cannot step back and let others fight the good fight. Continue making waves, teaching our sisters, daughters, nieces, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and even the men in our lives, that we will not sit still and look pretty. Now is the time to motivate, support and unite one another.

We have, for too long, been told we are inferior to our male counterparts. That we have to have sex appeal to get ahead in this world. We’ve been told to take the abuse, because a woman’s voice should never be louder than a whisper. Now is the time for screaming from the mountain tops and letting the world know we have something to say, and we refuse to be quieted.

The following photos document the women I call friends and family, as well as the strong women that I have met through my life. Each one has their own struggles, their own goals they are trying to meet, but each has given me a small glimpse into their strengths. Though they might not know it, they each have given me the strength to become the woman I am today.

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Sleep on the Floor

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Pack yourself a toothbrush dear…

I have had The Lumineers “Cleopatra” album in my head since it was released in 2016. Ever since I heard Sleep on the Floor, I have had a vision for a photo shoot. Lainie jumped at the chance (quite literally) to come down to Detroit and lug around my dad’s old suitcase for it.

The album, which is based off of the life of a real woman who was the taxi driver of the lead singer. When I saw the videos, out of order, then in order, I was blown away and decided it was time to take my idea and put it into motion.

Lainie and I walked around with the suitcase, being honked at and looked at funny, daring ticks to latch onto us, and dodging seagulls. At the end of my part of the shoot, she saw my hula hoop in the backseat of my car (I had just moved and it was one of the last things that I still had to take out). She grabbed it and off she went, hula hooping at Belle Isle’s fountain for a good hour and some change, until the lights came on.

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Portraits in the Sun

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Portraits in the Sun

Detroit is experiencing an early spring warm up. With temperatures hitting the 60’s in February, it is hard for all of us to not run around in tank tops and shorts enjoying the sun. I was able to take some portraits of Kate (@hautemesss) on one of these glorious days. She dealt with some strange requests like a champ and the resulting photos came out amazing.

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Fresh Snow and a Red Dress

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Fresh Snow and a Red Dress

There was fresh snow on Belle Isle in Detroit, well past our ankles. Trekking through the snow, getting it in our boots and squealing from the cold as it melted and made it’s way towards our toes, we made our way to a part of the island rarely seen by people now. Lainie is a trooper, even if she was in a dress and clothing not exactly suited for seven inches of fresh Michigan snow and cold temps.

After shooting on the island a bit, we decided to head to the historic Elmwood Cemetery not too far away. Elmwood is a beautiful cemetery, if one can get past the creepiness that it is indeed a cemetery. In winter, the tombs and mausoleums look even more spectacular and haunted with a layer of untouched snow on them. Lainie was a trooper as I had her running from spot to spot, switching coats, and even going barefoot.

Don’t forget, you can purchase prints in the Print Shop from this shoot!

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Senior Photos: Lauren

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It never ceases to amaze me when I have family come to me and say “your little cousin is graduating, can you take photos?” It always knocks me on my butt, and makes me think back to when they were born, how old I was, all of the accomplishments I’ve watched them achieve throughout their life, and who they have grown to become.

My “little” cousin Lauren, who actually towers over me, was a big shock for senior photos. I remember holding her as a baby, when I wasn’t much more than one myself. I’ve watched her become an amazing young woman, athlete, and human.

From volleyball champ, to bleeding heart, she has always been kind and humble. I was so happy to get the chance to take her senior photos, and will be doing a second round of photos soon!


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Portraits: Lainie in Detroit

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When a good friend and another local photographer asks you to shoot their photo, you do it. Especially when that friend is as adorable as Lainie. We went all over Detroit including Belle Isle, The Belt alleyway, the Riverfront, and West Village. Detroit has so much to offer for portraits and we had a blast shooting all over!

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Senior Photos: Bella

By Photography, Portraits

I recently had the pleasure of photographing my “baby” cousin (she is far from a baby at this point though) for her senior photos. When she first asked me I gasped a little and thought “she can’t be a senior this year! No way!” I quickly did the math in my head and realized, that yes, I am old and she is in fact, a high school senior this year.

We had a blast and had a perfect fall Michigan day for the photos. She even included her faithful pup, Duke, and a friend in some of her photos. I can’t wait to see what comes of life for her as she is one of the kindest humans I have ever met, and know she will go on to achieve greatness.

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