March marks Women’s History Month, with International Women’s Day falling on March 8. But women across the globe are showing just how strong they are day-to-day.

After a year of women coming into their own, standing strong against a patriarchal society, and pushing for major changes in our system, we can only hope the movement keeps growing. But we cannot step back and let others fight the good fight. Continue making waves, teaching our sisters, daughters, nieces, mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and even the men in our lives, that we will not sit still and look pretty. Now is the time to motivate, support and unite one another.

We have, for too long, been told we are inferior to our male counterparts. That we have to have sex appeal to get ahead in this world. We’ve been told to take the abuse, because a woman’s voice should never be louder than a whisper. Now is the time for screaming from the mountain tops and letting the world know we have something to say, and we refuse to be quieted.

The following photos document the women I call friends and family, as well as the strong women that I have met through my life. Each one has their own struggles, their own goals they are trying to meet, but each has given me a small glimpse into their strengths. Though they might not know it, they each have given me the strength to become the woman I am today.

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