Fresh Snow and a Red Dress

There was fresh snow on Belle Isle in Detroit, well past our ankles. Trekking through the snow, getting it in our boots and squealing from the cold as it melted and made it’s way towards our toes, we made our way to a part of the island rarely seen by people now. Lainie is a trooper, even if she was in a dress and clothing not exactly suited for seven inches of fresh Michigan snow and cold temps.

After shooting on the island a bit, we decided to head to the historic Elmwood Cemetery not too far away. Elmwood is a beautiful cemetery, if one can get past the creepiness that it is indeed a cemetery. In winter, the tombs and mausoleums look even more spectacular and haunted with a layer of untouched snow on them. Lainie was a trooper as I had her running from spot to spot, switching coats, and even going barefoot.

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