Protests in Hamtramck

As I’m sitting here starting to put together images from the protests today, Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter started playing in pure irony. Originally written and released about the political and social unrest from the¬†war in Vietnam, it suits the unrest that is happening all over the world with this new presidency and the policies being put into effect.

Hundreds showed up to the Hamtramck City Hall to show support, peacefully protest and march, and let their voices be heard. The Metro-Detroit Political Action Network put the “Emergency Protest” on to stand in solidarity with Muslims. Hamtramck is considered a sanctuary city, and will continue to be considered one despite any policies put into place.

The protest, which was supposed to march around the block, ended up being too large and instead marched around the small park that sits across from the city hall building. It was truly inspiring to see different races, religions, and people of all ages marching in solidarity of fellow humans. As one speaker said

“We are a nation of nations.”

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