Into the Foggy Night

There are times when photographing the sunrise or sunset just aren’t going to happen. The clouds take over, rain is pouring down, or any number of circumstances are working against me. This night, my mood matched the weather: grey, foggy, and rainy. But I just got a new lens, and wanted to try it out immediately. I called up my long time friend and mentor, Bruce Giffin, to see if he was up for a night of photo shenanigans.

We headed out into the night, with two former stray dogs Bruce had found years ago on the streets (though we all know they actually found him). Off to the island we went, looking out over the city as we crossed over MacArthur Bridge, trying to spot the iconic GM Renaissance Center behind the thick fog. Besides a few other cars, and a couple of bicyclists, we were the only ones on the island.

We listened as a distant freighter sounded his horn, probably unable to see the way along the river. We could just barely make it out as it passed by us, the horn echoing down the river, and the sound of the calm water being disturbed as it floated by. It was like a ghost ship.

We then headed into the city, our heads on swivels. We would see something, loop back around to shoot it, and then see something else. By the end of the night, we were soaking wet, almost hit by lightning and cars, and starving. We ended the night the only way possible: heading to Southwest Detroit and eating at Duly’s.

To say the night was a success, and a mood booster is an understatement.

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