Scott Hocking is a Detroit based artist who has done some amazing installations throughout the city. From the marble egg that was made up of the crumbling walls of the abandoned Michigan Central Train Station, to a pyramid of tires, he is a visionary and artist that will have people talking.

The Barnboat is no exception. Located in Port Austin, Michigan, at the “tip of the thumb”, Hocking partnered with Jim Boyle who has been working on a project that reinvents the old barns of the area, into something a little more…Detroit. Hocking has completely dismantled an old barn, and essentially flipped it over to create an upside-down Ark. Though still being worked on and completed, it is still breathtaking to see up close.

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  • Dan McCreedy says:

    I came upon the “Ark” this weekend while driving around Port Austin. The amazing sight made me turn around to find out what this was. My nephew and I spent some time walking around it (and ignoring the sign). It was a highlight of my weekend!