Chase the Sun

Sometimes, you have to step back from life. From the day to day, and the despairing thoughts that run through your head. You have a moment where you either sink or swim. Those are the times when you have to look at everything around you, and just breathe.

Wake up before the sun, before the birds even. When the moon is still in the sky and not ready to give up the night. Find a beach, the woods, or even a rooftop, and take in the world that is still sleeping. Although you might feel alone in the stillness of the morning, you will be greeted by that first morning light, that spills onto the horizon with no abandon.

And when your day is coming to an end, and your body is telling your to rest, face west and watch the sun give up the sky for the moon and stars. Breathe in the vibrant colors just as the sun kisses the horizon goodnight.

The photos taken below were from a day in Port Austin, MI. From sunrise to sunset, and a vintage camper show in between.

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